Test: Assertiveness

Do you feel stressed at work? Do you earn as much as you deserve? Do you find it difficult to be assertive? Do you need more hair on your chest? Take our 10-question online test. In 8 minutes, you will know more.

Are you overworked? Are you underpaid? Do you find it dificult to achieve your aims? Do you need hair on your chest? Find out online in our 10 questions-test!
 In only 8 mnutes, you will know more. Test here.

Question 1: How many hours/week do you work? (Including job, household chores, parenting, repairs, administrative and charity work)
Question 2: How many hours are „paid work“?
Question 3: Unpaid hours
Question 4: How many hours/week do you spend on childcare/parenting?
Question 5: In your household, who takes care of the laundry?
Question 6: Who takes the kids to school?
Question 7: After doing the dishes, who removes the goo from the sink?
Question 8: Who cleans the toilet?
Question 9: My average monthly income is...
Question 10: Imagine you want to negotiate a higher salary. Your employers/clients are unwilling to pay more and imply that they can easily give the job to somebody else. What do you do?