The Jellibelly Ego Stroker

The Jellibelly Ego Stroker is the first fully automatized ego-stroking device. Belly-stroking creates a sense of well-being, it enhances self-esteem and confidence. The Jellibelly Ego Stroking Machine optimises business development, it guarantees excellent customer service and a highly constructive working atmosphere in your team.

Traditionally, belly-stroking involved painstaking attention to interpersonal details and legwork. Now, for the first time, the newly developed Jellibelly Ego Stroking Machine allows for the flexibility of an individualistic opinion independent of all power structures while guaranteeing continuous high quality mechanical ego stroking. Use the Jellibelly Ego Stroking Machine for your advertisement and promotional needs, or use it as an incentive device for yourself and within your team.

Our models were developed according to the latest findings of our marketing specialists – colour, shape, and brush quality are constantly being upgraded. Order your personal Ego Stroker – choose our trusty standard version or your personal custom made model!

The Ego-Stroker was developed by Lisa Glauer and Kaethe Wenzel.